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( ∆ ) Approved by Pablo


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Approved by Pablo is a London based art collaborative organization that curates, produces and instigates art.

A(by)P produces ephemeral and immersive experiential events that put forward a new model for presenting, promoting and approaching art, allowing for early- to mid-career artists to focus also on curating – as opposed to simply exhibiting.

In this occasion A(by)P presented “Futurismo Ancestral: An Offering to Peru by Sixe Paredes” on the Somerset House, London.

Founders Tim Roter and Rafael Schacter firmly believe in blurring the line between artist and art gallery (and also between the public and the environment) in favour of art itself.

PLDO adopted the key attributes that make up the A(by)P experience – originality, a sense of fun, transparency and functionality – to develop a graphic language that expresses an alternative take on the traditionally accepted concept of the art gallery.

For this, we aimed for the objectification of abstraction, providing a multi-channel and multi-sensorial art experience, from beginning to end. A(by)P’s identity is a constant work in progress, adapting and transforming itself by taking into account its surroundings and the talent of the people behind it.


Collaboration with: NANO 4814, Eltono, Savvy.