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( ∆ ) Material Art Fair

Mexico City

  • Location .

    Mexico City, Mexico

  • Client .

    Material Art Fair

  • Specification .

    Exhibition, Art fair

  • Works .

    Concept Design, Exhibition Design, Detail Design, Styling

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The premise behind the expositive design for Mexico City’s Material Art Fair was to use the same material resources and reinterpret them in each one of its applications, starting from a module that grows and transforms at the same time as elements are added up. This way, using simple materials like planks or slim strips of natural pine, a series of modules with different functions were created.

Inspired in the modular design of Sol Lewitt that allows the reproduction of countless pieces from a simple structure, the main module is made out of strips of wood that form geometrical figures such as triangles and squares. This structure holds the fair’s official poster and is thought out to change shape and evolve along with the event, adding up more modules edition after edition.

To divide some spaces, following the same concept of fine lines and modular evolution, overlapped planks are placed in different angles to create empty spaces with symmetrical shapes, thus simulating the patron of cobblestone walls. Also, table basses made out of strips of wood and large planks were design. The stands for the expositors, that distinct the space between each one of them and at the same time are used as bookshelves where the work can be exhibited, were made using the same wooden strips and small shelves.

The general idea behind the fair’s design concept comes out of a module that grows in applications as more elements are added up. That way each structure replicates the contrast of lines and empty spaces of the main module, that combined with the simplicity of the materials, creates a set of forms, crosses and perspectives that will always lead to new reinterpretations.

Collaboration: Savvy