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( o ) Andrés Gallardo Shop


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    Andrés Gallardo

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    Jewelry workshop & Store

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    Concept Design, Detail Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design,Styling.

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The design and furniture of ANDRESGALLARDO’s studio-shop in Madrid were thought out to give prominence to the pieces that conform his jewelry collections, and to change along with their constant evolution. As part of the designing proposal some of the original structure’s materials were rescued, like the wood beams on the walls and the stone baseboards. For lighting, custom made ceramic lamps that adapt and blend into the walls are directed towards the jewelry pieces.

Both the distribution of space and the materials used are designed to be easily modifiable and to be renovated with each collection. The furniture was conceived under a very simple language, using neutral materials such as beechwood and Carrara marble. A modular set of shelves held by discrete custom made hardware and drawers can be used for exhibitions or storage. Two symmetrical desks made out of different woods, with distinct drawers and an inlaid mirror, were also created. These are accompanied by some old furniture that was deliberately chosen to highlight the values of the brand, like the English hexagonal showcase that replicates the shape of the interior courtyard in which the shop is located. Likewise, the working area furniture was created using similar materials to those used in the main hall, under a standard design of aesthetic lines that give priority to its use and practicality.

The artist Kiko Pérez collaborated to create a series of wood sculptures with a formalistic approach inspired by ANDRESGALLARDOS’s work and the interior design and furniture made by Pablo Limón Design Office.

Collaboration with: Kiko Pérez 

Photos by: Raúl Córdoba