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( o ) Épocas


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    Monterrey, Mexico

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    Concept Design, Detail Design, Styling

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Epocas 2k13 is an aesthetic interpretation of a vision we have of how should an avant–garde nightclub look in 2013.

The concept furniture design and art direction was deeply inspired on the implicit manifest of Memphis, an italian group of design and architecture that was founded in the early 80s by Ettore Sottsass.

Memphis helped to confront the “tyranny of smart, but soulless ‘good taste’ in design”. With this influence in mind, we ended up mixing high–end materials such as premium leather with industrial steel welded with brass, then we added some bold colors and shapes to create balance between craft, industry and irony.

Epocas 2k13 is a future vision rooted in the past; a spontaneous yet organised declaration; a contradiction that in one hand seems to gives us no other choice rather to be repelled by the objects, but seeing how they completely break the rules it triggers a sensation of liberation and relief at the same time.

Collaboration: Savvy.