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( o ) La Terraza at Casa Encendida


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  • Client .

    La Casa Encendida

  • Specification .

    Roof top summer terrace

  • Works . Concept Design, Detail Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Textile Design, Styling

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For the terrace in Casa Encendida in Madrid, the concept of beach bar was redefined and integrated by PLDO with a propositive architectural language, typical of cultural spaces whose narrative are defined from the interaction between the users and their curiosity.

The main element of the terrace is the bar, constructed from a frame made out of thin metal profiles that hold a polycarbonate white sheet. The structure refers to the typical beach stands and at the same time generates a graphic game with the intersection of all its lines. For the tables, a solid wooden cover and a yellow metal tube base were used creating a contrast between textures and weights that harmonize the urban aesthetics and design with the beach.

All the walls were painted with wide stripes in two different tones of blue that emulate the typical beach canopy, unifying the materials and creating an optical game of different forms and depths depending on the angle from which it is looked at. That way all the vertical planes work as an element of integration for the terrace, organizing the space while defining and distinguishing it from the rest of the cultural center, and interacting with the bar and its translucent structure.

Following the same procedure and basic construction materials that were used to build the bar and the tables, metal sets were designed to store the menus, cutlery and other elements in each one of the tables.

The chairs and stools usually used in more informal spaces, linked with summer or construction, take on a new meaning in the terrace, complementing the rest of the furniture and strengthening the narrative line of a concept that decontextualizes commonplace items and takes them to the light solemnity of a cultural environment intended for a young and cosmopolitan audience.

Photos by: Coke Bartrina