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Retrosuperfuture flagship store

Los Angeles

  • Location .

    Los Angeles

  • Client . Retrosuperfuture
  • Specification . Concept Design, Detail Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design,Styling.
  • Works . Super sunglasses flagship store in Los Angeles

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The interior design of RETROSUPERFUTURE’s new LA store prioritises simplicity, function and brand experience. In order to fully accommodate RETROSUPERFUTURE’s shades, the furniture was designed deliberately tall. This way, the lenses on display are almost at eye level, inviting customers to try them on. Likewise, the high mirror-lined aisles present the user with a somewhat private space for trying on their eyewear without feeling too out in the open. These face-to-face mirrors provide the user with a picturesque panoramic view of themselves, encouraging them to find their perfect look.

Simplicity is the order of the day. Stark black steel provides the framework for natural materials, like wood and marble, that were chosen specifically to contrast with the shiny, ultramodern pieces on display, allowing them to take front and center. Vegetation and wood paneling on the ceiling bring life and color into an otherwise completely urban environment, resulting in a pleasant, timeless space.